Mirror Digital X Buick

Project Story




In a strategic partnership with Buick, Mirror Digital embarked on a mission to reimagine them as a premium, tech-forward SUV brand. Specifically tailored to the Latine community, our objective was to cultivate meaningful engagement within this dynamic and expanding audience.

This collaborative endeavor gave rise to “Experience the Unforgettable,” a distinctive content program meticulously crafted to showcase how Buick’s cutting-edge technology and premium features seamlessly elevate the daily lives of busy moms. Our overarching aim was to not just redefine the SUV experience but to embody the essence of individuality by putting the “You” in S(You)V. Through tailor-made content centered around family dynamics and wellness, we forged a genuine connection that resonated with the unique values of this discerning audience segment.

“Mirror Digital is a powerful, professional, and dependable partner that consistently delivers big deals with major brands, and opportunities for increased awareness!”

– Nikki Walton, founder of Curly Nikki

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