Mirror Digital X Disney

Project Story

Disney Wakanda Forever


What Wakanda Means To Me

For the upcoming theatrical debut of Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, Mirror Digital was on a mission to craft a compelling content strategy that went beyond awareness—we aimed to ignite excitement and captivate audience consideration. Our innovative solution materialized in the form of a bespoke content initiative titled “What Wakanda Means to Me.”

In this engaging program, our curated team of Instafluence Creators guided audiences on an immersive journey to honor the profound legacy of Wakanda. Carefully selected from diverse fields such as art and culinary expertise, our creators brought forth their unique perspectives, delving into the emotional and cultural connections they share with Wakanda.

Through “What Wakanda Means to Me,” we succeeded in fostering an authentic and relatable buzz that deeply resonated with audiences, effectively building anticipation and enthusiasm for the much-awaited sequel.

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