RECAP: ‘Mirror Moments’ Explores AAPI Culture, Influence & Impact

Have a moment? Check out a couple of our favorite past episodes of Mirror Moments to see what brands can do to stand out and engage multicultural and LGBTQ+ audiences authentically and holistically. 

In this special AAPI Heritage Month episode of Mirror Moments, we connect with AAPI media experts who cover creators and their expanding influence. Our panelists, Abel Vang (Movie Producer/Director), Virali Dave (Editor, Eater LA), and Kate Kuo ([Former] Director of Photography, Los Angeles Times / Co-founder of Fly Tot / Visual Strategist) explore cultural nuances and the “appropriation vs. appreciation” debate, as well as how they strike a balance between celebrating and educating, while also inviting further dialogue with general market audiences.

Pride is more than a month. It’s a way of life. But, for some corporations, “celebrating Pride” looks like rainbows, parades, and changing their logos – and calling it a day. But without offering actual capital, support, and/or opportunities to the LGBTQ+ community EVERY day. 

As we enter into pride month, enjoy this past episode of Mirror Moments with guests Tim Chan (Director of Products & Commerce, Rolling Stone), Alanah Nichole Davis (Lead Reporter at, and Artist/DJ Kotic Couture as we dive deep into community- and action-focused alignments that not only set brands apart but places them ahead through action-focused advertising campaigns. The future is queer. Is your brand prepared for it?

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