Ten(+) Years of Mirroring the Culture

Mirror Digital X 10th Anniversary
Photo Credit: Gervel Sampson,

Mirror Digital recently celebrated its 10th anniversary — and we couldn’t be prouder!

From its humble beginnings in CEO Sheila Marmon’s apartment in Inglewood, CA, to a growing and necessary force in media, Mirror Digital is standing the test of time as one of the first of its kind in the industry. We celebrated this feat in true hybrid fashion: by flying our digital team out to LA for an intimate and timely retreat.

Our week was centered on the growth and tools needed to level up internally and assist our creators and clients in authentically and holistically engaging the multicultural marketplace as it morphs into the general marketplace.  Our week-long retreat and anniversary celebration was chock-full of elements of our brand’s refreshed visual identity and was capped off by an industry, friend, and family-laden celebration at the rooftop restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. We’ve effectively mirrored the culture during this celebration and over the past 11 years – and counting.

And if you are reading this, we thank you for allowing us to do so. You have played a role in where we are today, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Press play below to watch a recap highlighting our 10th-anniversary celebration and the people who help us not just mirror, but move culture.

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